Prof. Oleg L. Figovsky

Scientific Israel - Technological Advantages

Contents of Volume 12, no. 1-2, 2010

No. 1: Nanotechnology and Material Engineering

Jubilee of Prof. O. Figovsky
G.Muravin, E. Ilina
Revealing, Typifying and Assessing Flaws and Age-Related Degradation in Nuclear Power Plant Containments Using the Quantitative Acoustic Emission Non-Destructive Inspection Method
R. Abylkalykova, K. Kazdaev, I. Kveglis, V. Payuk
Solid-Phase Reactions at Ion Implantation of Nitrogen, Oxygen in Refractory Metals
I. Kveglis, R Abylkalykova
The Features of Magnetic and Structural Properties in Fe–Mn–C Alloys after Dynamic Loading
D. Alontseva
The Nanostructures in the Ni-Cr and Co-Cr- Based Coatings Deposited by Plasma Detonation and the Modification of Coatings’ Mechanical Properties by Duplex Treatment
Yu. Borisov
X-ray Fluorescent Analysis of Rubber Concrete Pyrolyzate
M.Ioelovich, O. Figovsky
Paracrystallinity of Cellulose
L. Abdrahmanova, V.Khozin
Surface strengthening of polymer construction materials by diffusion modification
N. Erdybaeva
Nanocomposite Protective Coatings Based on Ti-N-Cr/Ni-Cr-B-Si-Mo, Their Structure and Properties
N. Lukutzova, S. Lukashov, E. Matveeva
Research of the Nanomodified Admixture and its Influence on the Characteristics of the Fine-Grained Concrete
O. Mukbaniani, J. Aneli, E. Markarashvili
Composites Based on Epoxy Resin Filled with Modified Betontite
O. Mukbaniani, G. Gurgenidze, T. Tatrishvili
Dehydrocoupling and Hydrosylation Reactions of Methylhydrosiloxane to Allyl Alcohol
A.Murafa, D. Makarov, V. Khozin
Nanomodified Bitumen Emulsion for Construction Purposes
M. Nuriyev
The Atomic Short Range Order Parameters in the Films of Triple Compounds Cu-In-S(Te) System
Yu. Potapov
Wear-Resistant Coatings on the Basis of Oligodiens
I. Ruban, N. Voropaeva, M. Sharipov, O. Figovsky
The Risks Connected with Use of Polymeric Nanostructures in Technologies of Seeds Treatment before Sowing
L. Shapovalov, O. Figovsky, A. Trossman, O. Birukova, A. Shkolnik
Chemical Tagging Indicators for Identification of Overheated Places in Power Transformer
S. Usherenko, A. Granberg, V. Sobolev
High-Energy Physical Effects at Formation of Composite Materials

No.2 Civil & Mechanical Engineering

Yu. Borisov, A. Popov, I. Shashkov
Assessment of the Operational Life of Concrete Airfield Pavements on the Basis of Reliability Theory
Ye. Rynov, R. Sanzharovsky, O. Figovsky, D. Beilin
Durability and Efficiency of Reinforced Concrete Structures
E. Barsky, M. Barsky, S. Shishkin
Modelling of Combined Cascade Classifiers
E. Barsky, M. Barsky, S. Shishkin
Quality Criterion for Combined Cascade Classifiers
V. Sobolev, A. Chernay, N. Bilan
Initiation System of Explosives by Laser Monoimpulse
B. Menin
Calculation of Pumpable (Slurry) Ice Machine Capacity

Letters to Editorial Board

A. Andreev, Ju. Sapozhnikova
Alogorithm of Data Enciphering and Decoding with Use of Dynamic Chaos
E. Levich, A. Libin, Yu. Magarshak
Helical Theory of Turbulence in Fluids and Plasma and Possible Implications for Coherent Organization in Cosmos
O .Markov
Ecological Assessment of Innovations and Technologies